If you are thinking of bringing your child for Baptism, please get in touch with Fr Ben who will guide you through making the arrangements.

The Baptism of a child is so much more than a way of saying thank you to God for them – or even than asking God to be with them and protect them. Even for the tiniest of babies it is the beginning of a totally new life – a life where they become one with Jesus Christ, become members of a new family which is his body, the Church, and are promised that they will inherit the kingdom of heaven.

Before Jesus ascends into heaven he tells his disciples to go and baptise all the nations in order to create this new family. So, If you’re considering baptism for your child it’s definitely worth thinking about bringing them to church to experience what being part of this family is all about.

You, and their Godparents, will also be making a serious commitment on their behalf. You will be promising to teach them about Jesus, to teach them to pray, and to help them to be part of the life of the Church by bringing them to worship. Think carefully about whether this is a commitment which you want to make for your child – it really is a totally new life.

It’s always a joy to baptise children and welcome them into the life of the Church. Please do get in touch to find out more and to begin this exciting journey.